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Water Quality In Ontario

water-filter-softening-treatmentOntario shares a border with four of the five Great Lakes and has a vast array of water resources that includes streams, lakes and rivers in abundance, as well as private water wells and municipal water treatment facilities.

A great many things in Ontario depend on those resources, including the economic wellbeing, the health of the people and the environment and the overall quality of life. Everyone knows that water affects everything, and without it, we simply could not survive. That is why water quality is of the utmost importance.

The southern portion of Ontario is surrounded by Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Glacial deposits and rocks that are rich in sediment have created a very favorable setting for agricultural growth in that region, and so it is greatly populated with agricultural and urban development.

Water quality across the expanse of the province is apt to be dependant on the climate, and therefore often changes with it. These climate changes, such as changing air temperatures already affect the surface and groundwater, and it is expected, if global climate change continues, that many diverse ecosystems involved with the water supply will change with it.

Water Quality Monitoring

All of the information needed to effectively oversee and protect the environment is obtained through monitoring and science. A great many programs have been implemented to date that help identify existing and upcoming problems, test options to address issues, report on the status of the environment as well as many others.

Due to the abundance of water sources available in Ontario, monitoring every single one is impossible. In this case, there have been programs implemented that monitor a select few on a smaller scale with an aquasana filter review. There are also a number of programs to help in the larger scheme of things. Working together, these give a fairly clear indication as to the state of the water quality as a whole.

Chemical Findings In Urban Areas

Of late, there has been an emergence of chemicals that were previously unknown or unregulated. Amounts of these chemicals seem to be greater in urban areas, as opposed to rural areas, and thus lead scientists to believe it is the population density that has garnered these new findings.

Some of the chemicals found, in trace amounts, include pharmaceuticals, flame-retardants, oil, water, chloride and road salt that can only be treated with one of the best fleck softeners. Even invasive mussel populations, which once helped to reduce the amount of phosphorus, found in the lake water, is now contributing to higher nutrient levels and other environmental changes. On the other hand, mussels are of great use in detecting different levels of contaminants in the waters, as they retain these traces within their inner flesh.

The levels of contamination seem to be effected most by weather conditions, the changing of the seasons as well as factors that come as a direct result of human activity in the areas around water sources.

Public Health Ontario provides testing for landowners who own their own private wells. Testing for E coli and environmental factors are available and results are available via pickup, mail or telephone. You may also apply for a program to get a free Northstar softening system if you qualify.

Camping and Hiking Spots in Zurich, Ontario

survival-bug-out-bagChoosing a camping or hiking spot, especially a place in a beautiful, wooded area such as Ontario, can lead to an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. Since Ontario is a beautiful location with plenty of campgrounds, parks, and forestlands, there are plenty of places to choose when looking into your next camping adventure!

Since Ontario has so many breathtaking areas to camp, it can be hard to choose one, so you might even want to consider taking a few camping trips throughout the year, so that you can enjoy each one! Here is a list of five popular camping and hiking spots in Ontario, and what makes them so great!

Algonquin Park

As Ontario’s first national park, Algonquin Park has been around for quite a while, and has quite the camping experience available to those who seek it! There are yurts (which are eight sided canvas tent-like structures), cabins, campsites of RVs, and even more secluded campsites that can only be reached by those who are open to hiking to them. Camping at Algonquin Park will bring a variety of nature activities, and is great for families and friends alike.

Algonquin Park is an excellent campgroup where you can bring the kids along with. If you’re looking to “rough it,” it’s not the best campground. You won’t see anyone bringing a survival LED lantern to Algonquin Park—except maybe a spare headlight for their RV.

Charleston Lake

An incredibly popular camping spot since the Victorian ages, Charleston Lake is a wonderful camping and hiking location for families. The campground has 238 campsites, spread out around three areas, and four of them are accessible campsites. There are multiple trails spread out across the wooded park, and special events are always held during the summer months.

Killarney Park

Killarney Park is situated in a beautiful mountain area with plenty of hiking trails available for those who are looking to get into the outdoors and enjoy themselves. If you plan to go hiking here, be sure to bring an emergency water filtration just to be safe. Some of the trails are 10 or more miles.

A popular campground, Killarney is open for the majority of the year, and you can make reservations or even camp in the off-season. The mountains are what draw most people in – there are multiple hiking opportunities, and photographers will be thrilled with how much opportunity for great photographs are here!

Silent Lake

Silent Lake is an excellent choice for those would love to add a bit of fishing, paddle boarding, or kayaking to their camping trip. If you are into any of these activities, you will definitely want to bring your BOB full of gear to fully enjoy everything Silent Lake has to offer. The beautiful lake, along with the large amount of campsites, is quite attractive to those who enjoy the outdoors. Many of the campsites are available to drive into, but some of them are only accessible by hiking, providing a more secluded, peaceful camping experience.

Silent Lake if probably the best of these five four those who really want to experience the outdoors, since some of the sites are only accesible through a long hike. If you do plan on going to some of these sites, be sure you bring plenty of emergency food rations in case you don’t catch any fish!

Bruce Peninsula

Located nearby Canada’s highest rated freshwater beach, Sauble Beach, the campground at Bruce Peninsula is simply beautiful and is a camper’s dream! Although the campground has plenty of campsites, they do tend to fill up fast (even those that are more secluded and can only be reached by hiking), and you will need a reservation in order to camp here. The hiking rails have great views, and since Sauble Beach is nearby, it opens up opportunities for other outdoor activities, as well.

While there are plenty of other campgrounds and hiking trails in the Ontario area, this list is of the five most popular ones that tend to get the most visitors per year.

Annual Zurich Real Estate Association Banquet

Lake Michigan WaterFront PropertyFor anyone who has ever been to Zurich before, you know that our real estate is one of our greatest features. People come from miles around to admire the beautiful landscape that our little town has to offer.

In fact, given our unique geography and natural resources,  we have quite a booming real estate market. It’s popular for people to buy vacation homes in the area, as Zurich is a popular vacation spot during the summer.

It’s common for real estate agents to specialize in individual areas. During my recent trip to Michigan, I saw a number of realtors that special in lakefront properties. Harpe realty comes to mind. They are very respected Michigan lakefront property sellers in the area. Just as realtors specialize in their own individual markets like lakefront or commercial properties, Zurich is quickly becoming a vacation hot spot.

We have seen an explosion of resort communities, vacation associations, among other things that have both excited and dismayed the locals. Some don’t like the development, while others say it’s great for the community and brings in a much needed tax base during these hard economic times.

One of the most active members of the development crew that is really making the lives better each and every day is the local real estate association. They recently held that annual banquet get together and invited me to attend the event.

It sounds a lot more important than it really is. It’s just a few local realtors, business owners, journalists, teachers, and their families. The president of the association spoke on some of the most recent developments and talked about some future projects, which were all very exciting.

New Real Estate Developments

One of the coolest ideas that are being talked about is the redesign of the public commons in Zurich. Local real estate agents are working together with city hall to repurpose the downtown region by adding more parking spaces for local businesses.

Currently, there is a two-lane road that runs through downtown going in either direction.

Given that our community is becoming a great spot for tourists and shoppers to go to, a few local residents and business owners wonder why there is no parking in the downtown for shoppers. After all, if you want to get customers in the doors of your store or restaurant, you need to give them a space to park

This is what the new revitalization campaign is looking to do. By removing one of thru lanes of traffic, the council will be able to add parking spots on both sides of the road for businesses and tourists.

Economic Benefit

There is expected to be a huge economic benefit from making this change to the downtown layout. It may not seem like much, but the changes will be huge.

Think about it as if you were a tourist yourself. If you are driving past a cute little shop, but you have no idea where to stop or where to park, how likely are you to turn around to try and find someplace to go?

You’re a lot less likely to. By giving tourists easy access to your stores and restaurants, we can spur growth for our communities, businesses, residents, and schools.

Annual Zurich Bean Festival

Annual Zurich Bean Festival

The annual bean festival is one of my favorite times of the year. I can remember the first one I went to with my father some 30 years ago.


He was a classic car enthusiast, and since I had always shown an interest in working on cars with him in the garage. He and I would spend all weekend some times working on cars, tearing apart motors, and restoring some great, classic cars. My mom would always get mad at us because we would leave finger smudges all over the house after we got done working in garage. Whoops :]. When I first starting showing an interest in cars, he took me down to the festival to take a look at all of the cars.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It’s amazing how such a small event can have such a meaningful impact on a child’s life. Two decades has since passed, but I remember the day vividly.

We took our old Chevy to the show and I remember the first thing I saw was a bright red Dodge Charger. The muscle cars that were so common growing up always appealed to me. My dad always appreciated the early Corvettes as his symbol of performance, but to me the muscle cars were always where it was at.

Of course, the car show isn’t the only thing to at the Bean Festival. There is stage set up with all kinds of great live music, and there is a great kitchen that my mother always thoroughly enjoyed going to.

My mom has always loved to cook. This was a natural outflow of her love to entertain. She would always host these elaborate parties with multiple meals and desserts and everything you can possibly imagine. Going to the Bean Festival each year was her way of trying out some of her new creations on a wider audience. Her recopies were always a big hit and town members far and wide would come to get a taste of her culinary creations.

The Bean Festival was also one of the first events that I ever did once I started my own business. Taking a little bit of my mom’s culinary expertise, I founded my own catering service a few years ago and being a vendor at the Bean Festival was one of my first showcases to the general public.

All of this to say, the Bean Festival holds a very special place in my heart. I have so many memories going there as a child, as a teenager, and now that I am starting my own family, I get to bring my own children there to make memories. I can only assume that they will value their times at the festival as much as I did—and still do to this day.

The Bean Festival will be turning 50 years old this year and I hope it will be the biggest one yet. I can’t believe it’s been here for so long. It’s absolutely a staple to my family and me. Here’s to another 50 years!

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